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The ultimate aim of everyone is to be happy. An individual works hard to make money so that he/she can fulfill their needs. It will make them happy. Children buy toys to play with them and be happy. People travel far and wide experiencing lot of difficulties and spending lot of money to be happy. Students work very hard to get good marks and eventually get good jobs. With these good jobs they think they will be happy.

So pursuit of happiness is the main aim of life for everyone. We think happiness is a destination. Actually happiness must come through the journey. The human’s destination is only death. Therefore each moment that you enjoy must bring you happiness. These moments we spend doing something or the other. All our efforts must therefore be carried out in such a fashion that the bye product is happiness.

Lesson No 1. An adult must choose a profession of liking. If however it is not possible, then he/she must start enjoying the profession they are in. It may look …