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Mother’s Day.

Had published a blog on the Mother’s Day last year. I am here by publishing the same again. It reflects the importance of motherhood in Indian context. Even though the tradition of respecting mothers in a ceremonial manner was started in US, the importance of motherhood in our country can never, ever be exaggerated.

Mother’s Day was initiated in Philadelphia (USA) by Ms. Anna Jarvis is 1907. It is a great gesture to honour our Mothers. Many countries today celebrate Mother’s Day in their own ways. We must appreciate Ms. Anna Jarvis for her noble initiative.

In India, when we celebrate Mother’s day indeed we must pay respect to our Mothers and celebrate the occasion in whichever way we want. But more importantly, we must also remember and pay homage to the great mothers our country had been blessed with. I would like to mention three names from the many that can be chosen from the pages of history. These are:

Jijabai – mother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Maharani Lakshm…