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Feedback Form

Today I shall describe three different situations from any first hand experience.
1. I was trying to sell a training programme for the vice presidents and senior vice presidents of reasonably large and fast growing private bank. The discussion was being held with an exceptionally sharp and forthright HR head. His concern was about how could he ensure that his well defined objective will be met during two days training.

My presentation had included feedbacks from officers of similar status in a larger bank. I rolled back the presentation and showed him those feedbacks.  I hoped that he would be impressed. Politely,  he brushed these aside and said, "normally trainers have a knack of creating fast paced activity. In the bonhomie that follows no one writes the 'real' remarks.  Everything oscillates between good and excellent".
This set me to thinking. I looked back and realised that whatever he said was more or less true. Two possibilities came to my mind.…