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The Neutral No!

It is important to remain on the issue and not allow any digression. It is equally important not to allow your ego to come into the picture. Often times, even when there is a possibility of a solution, it does not materialize simply because of individual egos. By sticking to the issue and remaining neutral you leverage you strengths. There are certain does and don’ts that you must follow while negotiating with difficult people:
Your language should remain polite but firm.You should listen actively to what the other person is saying.You should try to assimilate the hidden meaning behind his/her words and strategize you arguments accordingly.You have to be really quick witted during negotiations.You should never say No using light-weight reasons. Preparation for an important negotiation is crucial. While doing your homework you should visualize what your opponent is likely to use as his/her negotiation weapons or arguments.You should be prepared to meet these squarely.You shou…