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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Romantic Music Director of Hindi Films

Omkar Prasad Nayyar was born on 16th January 1926 in Lahore in an educated respectable family. He had developed a love for music unlike any other member in his family. His father was extremely against singing. At that time most of the educated families thought in Lahore that music is practiced only by ‘Mrasis and Bhands’. These were the people almost like jokers who would come and entertain on celebrations of events by well placed families. O. P. Nayyar as he was always known challenged his father and left home to come to Mumbai. He thought that he would try his luck to become a great music composer.

After struggle in Mumbai he got his first break in 1952. He was given the opportunity to direct music of film ‘Asmaan’. There after he did a couple of movies of little merit. However, he met noted director and actor Guru Dutt. He impressed Guru Dutt who gave him a number of movies- ‘Baaz’ (1953), ‘Aar Paar’ (1954), ‘Mr. & Mrs. 55’ (1955), and ‘CID’. The music of all these films was appreciated by the audience. With these films to his credit, O. P. Nayyar came into limelight.

Aar Paar


Nasir Hussain who was another important producer engaged him for his film ‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’ that was released in 1957. Then there was no looking back for O. P. Nayyar. He became very important music director of the Hindi films.

 Tumsa Nahi Dekha

When he had left home he told his father and other members of the family that he would show his face only after earning fame. When he became famous he went to his father’s place in a new car. He flaunted his riches and fame in front of his family. He was well received though his father was still not very happy.

O. P. Nayyar never gave opportunity to the great singer Lata Mangeshkar. Instead female singers who sang for him were Geeta Dutt, Shamshad Begam and later Asha Bhosale. It is said that when Asha Bhosale started singing for O. P. Nayyar, he stopped calling Gita Dutt. Once Gita Dutt who was suffering due to problem with unhappy relationship with Guru Dutt telephoned him for work. To that O. P. Nayyar answered that he had made contract with Asha Bhosale that he will not use any other female voice.

Life of O. P. Nayyar shows that he just followed his heart. He was less bothered about anyone including his family members and friends. In some ways O. P. Nayyar was like Steve Jobs. Both brilliant but both not worldly wise to maintain good relations with people around.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wani Yoga - Lesson 12 Part 2

Regarding Wani Yoga , in my last post, I talked about the talent and development of Lataji’s great singing. The other famous female singers of the same era are many. Today, we’ll go forward talk about Geeta Dutt. There Asha  Bhosle, Suraiya, Runa Laila and Anuradha Podwal. Each of them has her own voice personality. They have learnt classical Indian Music from well-Known Gurus. Some of these singers could have also achieved excellence on their own and working with great music composers like Naushad, op  Nayar, Shanker Jaikrishan, C. Ramchander, Madan Mohan and others. Their achievements have been are driven by the unsuitable hunger for some immortal songs. And all of them have worked real hard.
You might ask, if the singers have gone through structured or unstructured with rigorous training, then how does Wani Yoga come into the picture?

Any form of yoga requires consistent and constant. Riyaaz or ‘abhiyaas’.
 What is Abhiyaas?

Abhiyaas is practice with devotion with a passion to learn. Following any passion, be it concerning art or science needs years of ‘Abhiyaas’ to culminate to its full bloom. Only then it leaves an indelible mark in the society. And, Abhiyaas about singing is ‘Wani Yoga’. Your own active listening improves the quality of your voice. Your own passion for music creates unforgettable combinations of ‘Sur and Taal’ of songs that haunt millions of followers.
Geeta Dutt:
An enchanting singer – her songs put the listeners under a strange spell. Even prosaic messages of her simple songs keep on ringing in your ears:
Babuji dheer chalna, pyaar mein zara sambhalna…..or

Aayee Meherbaan, Bhaithiye jaane jana; Shauk se lijiyeji, Ishq ke inttiyaan……or


Mera Sunder Sapna beet gaya……or


Aye Dil mujhe bata de, tu kispe aa gaya hai, Who kaun he jo aakar, khabon mein cha gaya hai…

And list in endless.

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