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Wani Yoga & Throat Chakra

Study and practice of Yoga is incomplete without understanding the importance of the 7 Chakras. These chakras are the real energy centers. Wani Yoga particularly impressive the practices involved in balancing Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. Today I will talk about the importance of Throat Chakra in Wani Yoga.

It may be necessary to give a brief introduction of these 7 Chakras in order to appreciate their importance in the life. The 7 Chakras are described as under.

Root Chakra is concerned about the safety of the human being.Sacral Chakra refers to the relationships and creativity of the person concerned.Navel Solar Plexus Chakra describes the personality and will power of the person concerned.Heart Chakra Heart Chakra indicates the love and compassion that the person practices in his/her life.Throat Chakra is responsible for expression and communication of the individual.Third Eye Chakra shows the development of the individual to have good gut feeling or intuitionCrown…