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Power of Social Media

Social media as it is commonly known is the virtual platform where lots of people are found at the one place. Think of a busy railway platform or an airport waiting lounge for that matter. Lots of people gather there waiting for their train or flight. Availability at one place of a class of people who travel either by train or by flight is an opportunity. It is for the media specialist to use this opportunity. To use the opportunity to say something, to communicate to the gathering. The opportunity can be used to influence people, to enable them to know about the products an advertiser wants to sell. There comes the media man who is the go between. And we see lots of hoardings, glow signs etc. at this places.

Both these places -  the airport and the railway station have some limitations. The number of people found together on these sides will be limited. So there can be limited opportunity to influence the gatherings. There are two types of gatherings – those who travel …