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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Benevolent Badri

I had a friend who was always looking for people whom he could help. He could never see anyone suffering. He would get so involved in the problems of others that he would forget his own.

I had read in our scriptures that persons with ‘Devi Prakarti’ are the ones who are always concerned about the welfare of others. They would even find how the enemies after death could go to heaven and not the hell. Indeed it was the concept of ‘Ma Durga’ who would want to destroy the demons with her swords and/or other arms instead of destroying them with a just a fierce gaze. It had been further explained that the very touch of the arms of Mata Durga is enough for the salvation of these demons. Devi thus bestows salvation and not damnation even of demons

But, Badri was not an angel. He was a human being like all of us.

Due to his extreme concern for others, his own business invariable suffered. Most of the time he was in financial difficulties. His wife remained upset and the family life was disturbed. Poor benevolent Badri.

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