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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Why Apathy to these Two Critical Skills?

Education is necessary, but skills are essential. Unfortunately, our education system per se is such that it hardly helps an individual develop skills. Much less the skills, I think, are most important for living life happily and successfully.  I am talking about two skills in particular –
        i.     Skill of managing self.
      ii.      Skill of managing relationships.

A child is born with some tendencies which may have a lot to do with his/her parentage. What is his father’s attitude to life, what is that of his mother, and more importantly how is their relationship with each other. While these factors continue to have their influence on the growth of the child, various other influences start playing an important role during the growing years. The teacher, the class mates, friends, relatives, and neighbors – all influence the child. It is hard to say how much these help in developing either of the two skills which I have mentioned above – skill with self, and skill with other people.

So what should be done?  What are the best steps that can be taken by all concerned for developing both these skills – skill with self & skill with people?

The education system, as it is today, can hardly help. Teachers are bound by the curriculum and the parents may not be able to find the time from their busy schedule in the modern competitive life.  But the ever growing media today can play a very important role provided parents are able to guide and regulate the exposure and use of the media by the child.

The significance of Internet must not be undermined. All the knowledge required is available on the net. But one may say that a skill cannot be delivered by the information/knowledge on the net. Yes it is true to a large extent. Yet, you tube presentations and other interactive programs make it possible to learn a lot from the net. In times to come, I am sure; the growth of the social media with websites focusing on special subjects will bring about a revolution in the concept of education and training. The need is that the parents, teachers and mentors motivate learners to be focused and stick to what they need to do. They should not be distracted.

Developing skill with yourself, to me, means your ability to listen and talk to your own self. It also means to understand your heart, identify what you really like. Thereafter, one needs to concentrate one’s energies towards these. You must leverage your talent and your fondness.   

Developing skill with people, simple means to understand basic human psychology. Your interaction with them should never ignore the following fundamental principles;
1)      That each person is interested in himself/herself more than you.
2)      That I, me, mine put people off.
3)      That making people talk makes them feel important.
4)      That when you win an argument you lose a friend.
5)      That listening attentively to others will impress them. They like you most when you do that.
6)      That you need to skillfully convince people. If you say something that is obviously to your advantage, people will be skeptical. So do it differently. Say how an important third person appreciated your products/efforts/services. This will help build confidence in the minds of people about you.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, 18 April 2014

How to Manage Yourself

How to manage yourself

things to do today
Managing Yourself has several aspects. Each day, in your work, either you contribute to some ongoing activities or you initiate some new ones. You may have a number of tasks for the day ahead. The best time to plan your day is the morning. So you must have for a successful day,


Your Morning Muse:
Contemplate you must
On priorities first
Let not opportunity lose
Work on subjects just
Give objectives appropriate thrust
Rely on your morning muse.
Mind is fresh and pure
Great ideas it can secure
Creative solutions it will bring
Focusing your thoughts, you are sure
Direction you gain; better results will pour
Like precious pearl in a string.
Rely readily on your ‘Morning muse’
She brings benefits unique, you never

Having put your plan for the day in place, you must remind yourself, as much to do your job well as also to enjoy doing it. Therefore one must understand that the only way to enjoy one’s work is to give it an undivided attention. Besides, that alone can bring you success which is so very important for happiness that every one seeks.

How to Stay Focused

Concentration is a way of life
Reflects every action and your strife
A habit that would show
Distractions don’t grow
Making your mid calm and clear
and you work, without fear
When you think of only objective
mental processes become active
nothing else you may see
So that your mind moves free

Concentration also helps you to be decisive. When you concentrate, you try to secure information from all angles on the subject you are working on. Surely, this knowledge removes your doubts and you tend to know:

When to act
Or to desist
it’s a quality essential
Top on the list
of people desiring success
and if they persist
Pursuing their goals
with decisions fast
little doubt that
their success will last


We do many a thing daily for which we don’t have to think. We do it habitually. So no time is lost in thinking, deciding etc. but there remain all the possibilities for improvement even in smallest of things like your morning chores. Like brushing your teeth or taking your bath. It is good to realize that

Force of habit is very strong
You do job better nothing goes wrong
Habit makes reflexes fast
Required energy naturally lasts
Doing daily chores
Energy scores.
Greater efficiency with habit on your side
Should you contemplate, and decide
Simple daily jobs
Sure rough weather
You will ride
Have good habits
Have a sigh of relief habit improves performance
Having a strong belief
When you have decided to manage you’re your life well and work for it, things will work better indeed. However, one must realize and appreciate that circumstances do not remain the same. These are invariably changing for better or for worse; therefore you must willingly accept these for
Every tide yields to an ebb.
Every high heralds a low
Storm in sea secures a calm
these are nature’s fluctuations,
which naturally flow.
Day fades to fetch the night
until it is morning again.
Spring softness winter’s bite
Happiness returns without a strain.
Success and failure are intertwined
Joy for ever; you will never find.
Life does depend on what you do
more than that, it is your attitude.


Our health attitude helps us to handle life better and bring us closer to the concept of positive living.
Life is ten percent how you make it
Ninety percent it’s how you take it
One may be ambitious
And yet satisfied
Not with what you possess
But genuine efforts in guise
Man with ambition dissatisfied
May not rise
With sluggish mundane movement
Of time
Accepting challenges
Is what makes life worth living

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