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Why Apathy to these Two Critical Skills?


How to Manage Yourself

How to manage yourself
Managing Yourself has several aspects. Each day, in your work, either you contribute to some ongoing activities or you initiate some new ones. You may have a number of tasks for the day ahead. The best time to plan your day is the morning. So you must have for a successful day,

Your Morning Muse:
Contemplate you must
On priorities first
Let not opportunity lose
Work on subjects just
Give objectives appropriate thrust
Rely on your morning muse.
Mind is fresh and pure
Great ideas it can secure
Creative solutions it will bring
Focusing your thoughts, you are sure
Direction you gain; better results will pour
Like precious pearl in a string.
Rely readily on your ‘Morning muse’
She brings benefits unique, you never

Having put your plan for the day in place, you must remind yourself, as much to do your job well as also to enjoy doing it. Therefore one must understand that the only way to enjoy one’s work is to give it an undivided attention…