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Keys to handle difficult people?

Difficult people are like the termites of the human spirit. They can be eating away at the tender parts of you for months on end before you notice, and then, suddenly, at a work meeting or a family dinner, you lose it. Most of us encounter unreasonable people in our lives. We may be stuck with a difficult individual at work or at home. It’s easy to let a challenging person affect us and ruin our day. Below are the keys: Maintain self-control In heavy traffic, you tend to lose your cool. Likewise, with a difficult person, you have a tendency to become impatient. Don’t do that. Stay calm. When you feel angry or upset with someone before you say something you might later regret, take a deep breath and count slowly to ten. In most circumstances, by the time you reach ten, you would have figured out a better way of communicating the issue, so that you can reduce, instead of escalating the problem. If you’re still upset after counting to ten, take a time out if possible, and revisit the is…