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Friday, 18 April 2014

Rise of Social Media

Befooling people in the age of social media is losing one’s own credibility. Social media is a platform where an ordinary man can express himself/herself without spending any money or without using any influence. One doesn’t have to depend on anyone in power to use the media. Because, no power is controlling it. Should the owners of any popular site decide to exercise any control or should they try to create some kind of influence on any issue, this is bound to be construed as personal agenda. Personal Agenda is against the spirit of Social Media.
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Social media is fast growing only because it is free and fair. Regarding freedom, I reiterate that if there were no freedom of expression, Social Media would never have achieved the popularity it has gained in such a short time. Another very important factor in its favour is that it is participative. Anyone can start a discussion, contribute to the existing one; start a group or join one already there. Besides, it is not just confined to exchange of views or ideas. We can share pictures, movies, audio/video files etc. Undoubtedly, Social Media encourages to be social, to be creative and effective. It is a boon in this Brave New World.

Earlier, Television gained its popularity because of the ease of entertainment without the arduous task of going out to the theatre one can watch a programme news or even a movie: all sitting in the comfort of your home. But it took quite some time. Where television swayed the mind of people, lots of program producer emerged. Training institutes for training programme producers also came into being. The channel owners provided the infrastructure and producers created such programmes as would engage the audience. Producers who applied their mind and understood the audience likes and dislikes could make such serials which continued for years. But there is a rub. Some people did find that these serials offer no value and were a ploy to engage them. The TV was termed an idiot for which I consider it is. More on this some other time.

But so far as Social Media is concerned, it is also engagement, but it is of a different kind. Here each person becomes a participant if he/she desires to be one. There are always group of people who share their views. There are people who have comments to offer. And as said above, it is not limited to discussions. Sharing of pictures, videos, knowledge on different subjects are both engaging and entertaining. It is for each one of us to make full use of this unique Free Gift.

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Power of Social Media

Social media as it is commonly known is the virtual platform where lots of people are found at the one place. Think of a busy railway platform or an airport waiting lounge for that matter. Lots of people gather there waiting for their train or flight. Availability at one place of a class of people who travel either by train or by flight is an opportunity. It is for the media specialist to use this opportunity. To use the opportunity to say something, to communicate to the gathering. The opportunity can be used to influence people, to enable them to know about the products an advertiser wants to sell. There comes the media man who is the go between. And we see lots of hoardings, glow signs etc. at this places.

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Both these places -  the airport and the railway station have some limitations. The number of people found together on these sides will be limited. So there can be limited opportunity to influence the gatherings. There are two types of gatherings – those who travel by train and those who travel by air. Depending on the advertiser’s product profile outdoor media can be sold to the specific advertiser. Prospective users profile gets defined.
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Now, let us look at the virtual platforms or the social media. There are no limits.  No limit of space, the town / city or country, and no limit of cast, creed or race. Yet visitors to these virtual places can be grouped. By their likes and dislikes, by their age, by their educational aspirations, professions, hobbies etc.  Because the virtual space has no limits the social media is growing exponentially. The growth of the social media is its growing power. So its no wonder that Facebook bought What’s App at an astronomically high price.

Now, with the hand held devices its accelerated development and pervasive nature is its natural attribute. So be prepared to spend more time on social media.

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